We are a team of people who have always been linked to livestock and the environment. Our predecessors were livestock farmers, with important awareness and knowledge of the animal world. Cantabrian Qualimeat arises from the idea of marketing meat beyond our borders, providing our knowledge, and requiring producers and suppliers to apply the procedures that allow obtaining quality products under the premises of::

- Product quality.
- Sustainability and environmental efficiency.
- Animal welfare.
- Traceability.


Our stockbreeding has constantly adopted innovation to provide the highest level of excellence in our meat.


The quality is understood from the moment of birth, and it includes the feeding of the animals, the breeding conditions and all the processes that are carried out, until the meat reaches our customers’ table.

Sustainability and environmental efficiency:

Extensive livestock is not incompatible with the sustainability of the environment, taking into account waste management, the correct uses of the available resources, and an efficient management.

Animal welfare:

Animals, like people, are stressed and frightened by the unknown. A good treatment, the reduction of stressful situations, food quality, and the provision of sufficient space, influence the final result of the meat in a significant way


This concept is of the utmost importance, not only due to the mandatory inspection that is required by national or international organizations, but also because it helps us to manage time and to be able to take corrective measures so that the product reaches the table with the best conditions of quality and health.

Within this approach, it is vital to exercise the monitoring and control of the temperatures that are applied, not only to avoid microbiological contamination but also to assure that the effect of meat shortening does not occur through cold applications.

The control of all the foregoing translates into an adequate indirect management of the ph levels, to guarantee the taste and tenderness of the carcasses, since “carcasse quality is not meat quality”.