From birth, the animal is in contact with its mother, whose milk feeds it until the age of 6 months. During a month and a half, its diet combines grass and milk.

At the age of six months, weaning occurs and the animal is feed with forage and vegetables (without any animal fat, just with cereals and fodder). During this time, the calf is away from its mother, but lives in spacious and comfortable facilities that guarantee its comfort and well-being.

When they reach their optimum weight, they are slaughtered. This process is particularly important, and any suffering of the animal is avoided. Comfort and well-being of the animals are important to obtain optimal final results of its meat: under stress situations, they consume lactic acid, which is responsible of the good taste, tenderness, quality and color of the meat.

Our stockbreeding has constantly adopted innovation to provide the highest level of excellence in our meat.



The meat produced in our region rigorously complies with the strictest controls and quality standards of the European Union in public health, health, animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

It should be noted that the current traceability systems, both in Spain and Europe, guarantee the food safety of the product through the entire production process.
Spain and its regions have always been a global gastronomic reference, whose meat provides a wide range of flavors that are much appreciated throughout the world. The great variety of products, combining tradition and technology, provides comfort and pleasure, and perfectly adapts to different types of population, nutritional needs, consumption patterns and health conditions.

Traceability is generated from the moment the animal is born, including its sacrifice, and reaching the consumer's table. It guarantees the origin and the treatment that has been given to the meat. Controls in livestock farms by veterinary services, and in facilities such as slaughterhouses or cutting rooms by Health Authorities guarantee a healthful product and food safety.